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Clarkston Martial Arts and Fitness Club Teaches Positivity

Since 2012, Clarkston Culture Fest has been a part of the local community, bringing together performances, cuisine, fun and cultural education together with the mission to educate, appreciate and celebrate the incredible diversity represented within the city of Clarkston.  According to the US Census, Clarkston is the most diverse cities in the country, with more than 60 languages spoken in a single square mile.  On May 27, 2019, Clarkston Culture Fest welcomed the Clarkston Martial Arts & Fitness Club as one of their featured Fun Zone demonstrations.

With the addition of Panther Involvement Network to Georgia State University’s club toolkit, Perimeter college clubs have found a new way to create, share and support community service projects more>>

Panther Involvement Network

What is Panther Involvement Network (PIN)?
The Panther Involvement Network (PIN) has replaced OrgSync as the new student organization interface for students at Georgia State University. It’s a social site for campus involvement. Students can browse the over 500+ active student organizations at Georgia State, review upcoming events or find information about any organization that may be of interest.

Students can also submit forms for vehicle rentals, student activity fee funding, late night events and much more.

For additional information, visit: PIN!