Card Scanning

The Leadership Programs office has card scanners available for Student Organization use.

Scanning student IDs at events allows student organizations to:

  • Track attendance at events
  • Send surveys and advertisements to event attendees

How to reserve a scanner:

  1. Email to request the scanners. In the email include, the name of the organization and date and time of the event.
  2. On the day of the event, pick up the scanner(s) at 475 SCW.
  3. A student organization representative must sign an agreement form, assuring that the organization is aware of the due date and policies.

Card Scanner Policies:

  • If the scanner is not returned by the due date and time, status as a chartered student organization, including all of its rights and privileges, may be revoked.
  • If not returned for 10 business days, the unit will be considered lost and the student who checked out the scanner will personally be charged the $200 replacement cost.
  • If the unit is damaged, a fine may be assessed up to replacement cost to the student who checked out the scanner.

Note: The Card Scanner will only work for Georgia State University ID cards. To track attendance by people who are not GSU Students, Faculty or Staff (or someone who does not have a student ID present), the organization may want to provide a sign in sheet or enter it manually.