Student organizations are encouraged to collaborate with other student organizations. Collaborations can include events, service projects and fundraisers.

Benefits of collaborating:

  • Increased organization awareness
  • Shared resources
  • Increase in skills
  • Additional funds
  • Increase in ideas and creativity
  • Access to more team members

What to consider when collaborating:

Project management
It is important to establish the main organization representatives that will be leading the project. Having a lead representative assists in ensuring that all organizations are represented as well as assist in creating a clear goal.

Clear goal
Creating a clear goal, plan, tasks and timeline is important to ensure all aspects of the project is completed. It is also important to ensure each organization

Re-occurring meetings
Establishing re-occurring meetings to check in provides accountability to all organizations. These meetings are to check in on each aspect and task of the project to ensure it is in line with the timeline.

Multiple organizations collaborating on an event can lead to lack of or incorrect information. It is important to establish a clear line of communication so that every team member knows who to go to with questions and updates. The re-occurring meetings will help in this aspect.