How to Join an Organization

How to get involved

The central hub for all active student organizations is the Panther Involvement Network (PIN). Students can search through the full list of organizations, search for organizations on a specific campus, specific categories and search keywords. PIN can be used to view and connect with student organizations, view upcoming events and track involvement.

How to find events on campus

PIN lists upcoming events hosted by organizations and departments such as information sessions, training’s, workshops, retreats, service events and more. Events can also be filtered by campus, organization categories, perks, themes, and key words.

How to choose an organization

  1. Give some thought into what you are looking for in an organization (social aspect, service oriented, academic oriented, professional, etc.)
  2. Consider your personal values and how that aligns with the organization
  3. Consider your personal interests and how that organization fits your interests
  4. Learn about the time commitment as each organization is different
  5. Learn about the financial obligations as each organization is different

Benefits of student organizations

  1. Opportunity to make new friends
  2. Be connected on campus
  3. Expand your resume
  4. Personal development
  5. Leadership development
  6. Opportunity to network