Recruitment and Retention

Students join organizations for different reasons. It is important to explain the purpose of the organization, expectations, events and opportunities the organization provides. Potential members should have a clear understanding on what the organization is about and what to except as a member. It is also important to learn what each student is looking for in an organization and what each student expects to get out of an organization.

What makes a student join an organization?

  • Identifying with the mission/purpose of the organization
  • Feeling comfortable with the current members
  • Feeling of contributing to the organization
  • Receiving benefits from an organization (new friends, community impact, skills, mentorship etc.)

Tips on recruiting members:

  • Create an informational flyer to distribute around campus
  • Plan tabling events to share information on the benefits and opportunities organization with potential members
  • Attend the Student Organizations Fair each fall and spring semester
  • Host information sessions on the organization and how to join
  • Plan events with other organizations on campus
  • Encourage members to mingle with students in their classes
  • Use different forms of media to spread information about the organization and events

Students stay in organizations for different reasons, just as students join for different reasons. Retaining members that are invested in the organization is crucial to the success of an organization. Members that do not feel the organization is providing benefits or connection will not be invested or active members.

What makes current members stay?

  • Sense of belonging
  • Sense of contributing
  • Feeling recognized
  • Feeling heard
  • Understanding what is expected of them
  • Events that are interesting to them
  • Benefits of the organization (social, community impact, skills etc.)

Tips on retaining members:

  • Help the members get to know one another by hosting socials and doing team building activities
  • Schedule meetings and events that are convenient for the members
  • Create a buddy or mentor program to help the members feel more connected
  • Delegate tasks so that members can feel needed and add value to the organization
  • Show appreciation to the members