Reserving Vehicles

Leadership Programs provides vehicle rental assistance to active chartered organizations up to a maximum of $750 in rental fees per fiscal beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the following year.

Leadership Programs will not be responsible for charges that exceed the cost of the actual rental, such as fuel charges, toll charges or citations. These expenses are the sole responsibility of the student organization and an organization will not be reimbursed by the university. The car rental agency and Georgia State University will not be responsible for any medical expenses in the event of an accident or claims resulting from an accident. Personal medical insurance can be used in this case or purchased from the car rental agency before departure (at the expense of the student organization or individuals). If an organization does not pay for the additional expenses, it may result in the loss of the student organizations charter.

  • Requests must be received at least five (5) days in advance
  • Trips must exceed 50-mile radius outside the Atlanta campus
  • Must submit proof of travel or documentation for trip (ex. receipt from conference registration, e-mail from staff or faculty advisor approving travel, letter of volunteer service)
  • Fuel expenses, toll charges, insurance, late fees, citations are the responsibility of the organization
  • Vehicle Request Form available on PIN on the Atlanta Campus Resources page
  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old

To request a vehicle rental:

Only chartered student organization officers, faculty or staff advisors can submit the Vehicle Rental Request Form

  1. Sign in on PIN
  2. Click forms
  3. Search Vehicle Rental Request Form 2018-19
  4. Complete the form. Information needed:
    • Contact and organization information
    • Travel information or proof of event
      • All student organizations wishing to travel must submit proof of travel or documentation for trip. Official documentation will be determined as a receipt from conference registration or a letter from a staff/faculty advisor approving travel. Failure to submit this documentation will result in a vehicle request application being denied.
    • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off
    • Driver information
      • Up to 4 drivers may be listed
    • The organization advisor will need to complete the Vehicle Rental Advisor Approval Form.
    • Information for extra charges
    • Read the policies and agreements
    • Submit

Once the vehicle request application is approved, the student organization will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for processing. Vehicle reservations must be cancelled at least five (5) business days in advance. Cancelling after this time period may result in loss of future vehicle privileges.

Once confirmed, the student organization is responsible for picking up the vehicle(s) from the location given in the email.  The students GSU Panther I.D. card and driver’s license will be needed. The rental agents will provide a receipt detailing the expenses, which should kept for as a record.